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Bradfield in the cold

Christmas Comes To Sheffield

Dickensian Carollers Merry Go Round What a jolly horse Orchard Square This just made me laugh

Autumn Colours

The last of the autumn colours are shining brightly in the face of the on-coming winter. There was snow on the ground, but the light made the reds and oranges of autumn glow.

Winter Gardens

Winter Gardens , a photo by craigand on Flickr.

Crunch crunch crunch

Crunch crunch crunch , a photo by craigand on Flickr. Autumn is pretty much over, and all that's left is crunchy, leafy detritus.

City Lights

City Lights , a photo by craigand on Flickr.


Walking , a photo by craigand on Flickr.

Sheffield Gets Festive

Welcome to this end of Division Street! Welcome to the other  end of Division Street! Lights outside John Lewis Bubble Tree in the Peace Gardens Winter Gardens, rear entrance Wintery bubble things The Peace Gardens Outdoor seating, for those foolish enough to want it Furnival Gate The Moor Arundel Gate Another outdoor seating area, also populated by nobody much Can you tell what it is yet? Outside the Globe Path to the station The Showroom, all lit up Reflections in the water feature Precarious stairs Waterfalls outside the station Closer look at the waterfalls Wall o' waterfalls Waiting by the taxi rank Not much warmer inside the station A view over the station waterworks Illuminated fountain The Winter Gardens. A bit blurry, but I like it anyway. The Town Hall looking rather terr