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Avast ye!

175/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. Avast ye, scurvy dogs! Daniel attempts to ram the girls' boat out of the water.

Too much fill flash

173/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. A very strange picture, but a bit cool nonetheless. The fill flash has made the subject stand out like a cutout from the background. Not sure if it's good or not, so I'm including it in the 365 as a reminder of what happens when you use fill flash from that close distance.


173/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. Forgot I took this, and only found it again once the film was developed. Taken with a 50mm f/1.8 on an EOS500N using 200ISO Kodak film of some ilk. Makes me really want that 28mm AF lens on the EOS500D for crop-sensor goodness.

HDR: What it is, and what it isn't.

I've recently been in a very strange discussion about what does and what does not constitute HDR imaging. It was strange because the definition used by the other party in no way took note of what HDR actually stands for. Thought I'd knock together a quick post to detail what is, and what isn't, HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The dynamic range of an image is the difference in luminance between the brightest and darkest parts of the image. The luminance range is referred to in EV (Exposure Values) which are equal, in photography terms, to one F stop of aperture, doubling or halving the shutter speed, or doubling or halving the ISO value. In order words, increasing or decreasing by 1EV is the same as doubling or halving the amount of light. Many cameras now support a dynamic range of 11 EV. That is, the difference in brightness between the darkest and brightest things the camera can "see" works out as 2 11 times as much light. Anything too dark for a pa


172/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. Frantic guitar action by Anvil.

Reflected sunset

171/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. Sunset over city road, taken in the wing mirror of my car.

Catching up ...

164/365 by craigand, on Flickr 165/365 by craigand, on Flickr 166/365 by craigand, on Flickr 167/365 by craigand, on Flickr 168/365 by craigand, on Flickr 169/365 by craigand, on Flickr 170/365 by craigand, on Flickr


163/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr.

Water off a duck's quack

162/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. Rather soggy looking waterfowl.

Domino Rally

161/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. Domino Rally. Forgot I even had one of these.

Derwent Dam

160/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. The east tower of Derwent Dam as seen through the trees on the bridge. Taken in the early evening by a very much deserted visitor's centre. Nobody about, just the odd one or two people having an evening stroll now and then. Very eery, in a non-eery sort of way. The tower on the other side of the trees. The reflection over the side of the bridge. A view over Ladybower reservoir.

Power lines

159/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. Power lines in Sheffield.

Through the trees

158/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. The sun shining through the trees lining Herries Road in Sheffield

No mesh

157/365 , a photo by craigand on Flickr. Wild flowers growing around a car park in Sheffield town centre. Yeah yeah, I know I said no more flowers. This was actually supposed to be the wire mesh in front of them, but like a muppet I had the aperture set waaaaay too wide and they basically blurred into non-existence. Still, not a terrible result, eh?

Camping in Monyash

Monyash , a set on Flickr. A photo set of the weekend. Includes the ones from my last few daily pics, the ones on Facebook, and a whole bunch of others too. There are loads more than the few thumbnails here. Click through to the set itself to see them all.