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Love handles

Love handles, a photo by craigand on Flickr. 003/365

The brief today was to use direct, on-camera flash and still make a good picture. Not sure if I actually managed that, but the shapes and shadows I find pleasing. The hint of a very subtle heart shape formed by the handle and its own shadow adds another bit of depth. Or maybe I'm just waffling? Either way, here it is. Number 3.

Life … Don't talk to me about life

Life … Don't talk to me about life, a photo by craigand on Flickr. 002/365

Number 2. Today's theme is "emotion", so what better emotion that paranoia?


1337, a photo by craigand on Flickr. The first of my new Project 365 attempt. A silly picture combining the modern computing world with what I consider a true throwback to proper text-based computing; Vim. I still use Vim on a daily basis at work. In fact, my computer screens are pretty much covered with tiled terminals and vim instances. No pointing devices, no touchable screens, no cursor keys (if you're a purist). Just you and a ridiculously powerful, expressive editor. None of your ham-fisted multi-touch hand mashing, anyway.

Vim for iOS is real. I didn't make it up just for this shot. You can get it here:

Be warned; it's blooming horrible. Escape is mapped to \ so it's 3 presses just to exit insert mode ...

So, anyway, yes,  I decided to give this Project 365 thing another go. May as well, eh? I haven't done one for two years now and I need to keep practicing, so it seems a good way.

Of course, the coincidence with my recent …

Lanzarote, July 2013

For the first time in my life thus far I went to one of those "hot holiday" type places. The thought has never appealed to me, not being a fan of people, resorts, package deals or *shudder* tourists. However, go we did, and very nice it was. It was before high season, so there were few people, no queues and, somewhat unexpectedly, a reasonable amount of natural history and culture around. Here are a few snaps to commemorate the occasion.
See the full gallery for more.

Helios 44M f/2 58mm

Helios 44M f/2 58mm, a photo by craigand on Flickr. My first SLR lens. Still one of my favourites. Especially on Fuji Velvia film.