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Post number 2. Shrooms!

Rivelin in Autumn

Bit of a twofer today. One set of random woodlandy pictures from Rivelin, and one with a specific theme of mushrooms. This is set one. Enjoy.

A Sunday Afternoon on Wadsley Common

Autumn is here, my favourite season, and as the sun sets sooner in the evening the golden shadows stretch long and crisp in the still afternoon air. What better to do, then, than walk across the common and marvel at the stunning views and intricate formations afforded us by the changing seasons. Even early in the afternoon the world is criss-crossed with light and dark, deep shadow and gleaming highlights from the low slung sun peeping, flickering, through branches and falling leaves. As the winding paths veers this way and that, the diffused light in the cool air takes in a wistful, dreamlike quality. The blanket of greens and browns form patterns, irregular and never repeating. As the path winds on, the ever growing expanse of nature intrudes on man’s attempts to contain it. Trees burst through crumbling stone walls and moss covers it like a blanket of felt. Across the common the browning grass takes on shimmering golden tones as a light breeze picks up and gently pushe


Barrow , a photo by craigand on Flickr. A barrow, backlit by the sunset, sits abandoned on scaffold on my neighbour's half-built extension.

A Weekend in Manchester

This weekend I went along to PHP North West 2012 for a weekend of geekery and code. I took my camera along, but as it turned out I hardly took any pictures. Mainly because I was far too busy chinwagging, listening, or trying to locate tea. That being said, I did take some completely unrelated pictures, and here they are. Sheffield Station at silly o'clock on a Saturday morning Over the rooves of Sheffield from the back of the station A man in a bear suit released some balloons Newcastle Brown Ale