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iPhone 4 is out. Hurrah! But I don't have one. I still have 2 years to wait on my contract before I get a chance to sample the delights of Apple's latest and greatest, by which time iPhone 5 will probably be a distant memory. Roll on iPhone 6! In the interim, though, I am fortunate enough to own an iPhone 3GS which (mostly) supports the new functionality, albeit with a somewhat lower resolution display. Of course, any display is a retina display if you hold it far enough away from your eyes, so I'll just have to hold my phone at arms length whenever I use it. A small price to pay! Seriously, though, there are some nice new features in this update. The whole thing feels a little more polished, too. The Snow Leopard style reflective dock, for example, and the additional zoomy animations. Some people have been complaining about slow down, but I can't say I've noticed it generally. Multitasking The big ticket item in the iOS4 upgrade is multitasking. Many pe

Quietly Going Postal

It's been a bit of a mindbending week, all told. Spent the weekend doing birthday celebrations with a houseful of kids and and airbed. Much fun was had by all, especially the kids thanks to a rather smashing bouncy castle, and the "special" truckstop breakfast set the bank holiday off to a good start. Back to the working world then, and political wrangling means I'm somewhat between projects. Took the opportunity to install a decent java development environment while watching the BBC's adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Going Postal. It was extremely well done and is, I think, my favourite adaptation to date. Yes, possibly even on a par with The Hogfather. Impressive, I know. The only minor gripe is that the golems didn't really look ... rocky enough. Instead they looked like men in an odd rubber suit. I think the problem was that they weren't as big as the are in my imagination, standing a mere 7 feet tall rather than the 10 foot hulking bouldery masses