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The weather isn't really improving a great deal. It's not thick snow, but it comes in fits and starts and the rain and cold is pretty much constant. Still, heading out for a walk can clear the brain and keep one fit. Last weekend we went to Colemere in Shropshire and very nice it was too.

The view across Colemere

Bare trees by Colemere


Snowdrops, but thankfully no snow

Mossy stump

Ripples on the water

Reflections in the mist

Trees by the canal

On the bridge

Broken wood

Have a gander

Warts and all

Bridge 54


How the mighty have fallen

By the roots


Graduated Grenoside

Last week I took delivery of a set of ND filters, 3 plain and 3 graduated, so I thought I'd go out one evening and have a play with them. Here are the results of my first attempts.

One things I did notice is that the filters add a slight-to-medium magenta cast to the images. More noticeable when the filters are stacked, but still there even when using a low value filter. I guess the solution is to always use a 0.3 plain ND behind the graduated filter so that the whole image gets a magenta cast, then use a greycard to set the white balance to counteract it.

For these, though, it was enough to selectively apply a fix in Aperture to remove the colour cast, then a reasonable amount of dodging and burning to bring out foreground features that got caught up in the ND filter and overly darkened. Overall, I'm happy that I can make the best of these and get some more pop out of the skies in my landscape photographs.

Note that the colours are genuine, once the colour cast was removed. I…

Sunset over Grenoside

Sunset over Grenoside, a photo by craigand on Flickr.