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Camping in Pomeroy

Since we went to Arbor Low on the bank holiday weekend, we thought we may as well stay over at a local campsite, of which there are lots. We picked Pomeroy Camping and Caravan Park because it was cheap and had a website. The tale of attempting to book this place is long, complex, annoying and for another time. As you can see from the pictures, and in spite of the weather being reasonably good when we went to Arbor Low, it rained. A lot. There were also a proliferation of pylons running through the site with "Live Overhead Cables" warnings all over the place. That being said, we were at least in the Peak District, with everything it has to offer. The golden evening sun made things a little nicer. And the clear midnight skies proved wonderful for stargazing. Unfortunately I didn't pack my tripod, so the only star pictures were taken pointing straight up while the camera balanced on top of

On broadening horizons

Above this humdrum life Above the weeping world Beyond the toil and strife The universe unveiled


trio electric blue shifting sands neon

Walking Around Arbor Low and Gib Hill Barrow

A few more pictures from our walk about Arbor Low and Gib Hill Barrow.

Arbor Low

This weekend saw us take a trip to Arbor Low, a Neolithic henge monument near Bakewell in the Peak District. This ancient monument, over 2000 years old, was one a henge of between 41 and 43 stones. These stones lie flat. Whether this was the original intention of if they have since fallen, or been pushed, is a mystery. Our visit was prompted in part by the Northern Oak song named for this monument. It seemed a shame and somewhat strange to have never visited it, despite being in its general vicinity many, many times before. The thistles are encroaching on the stones, and small rock pools are forming in the crevices and cracks being opened by the passage of time and rain falling on the hills.

Greno Woods