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This is a road, not a rally, and you are NOT Colin McRae

So snow has come round again, and once again trying to get anywhere is a nightmare by the sheer lunacy of the average British driver. I am constantly amazed by the things people do in an effort to get from A to B, and am never surprised when they either drive through a wall or abandon the vehicle in disgust. So here are a few handy hints for you all, based on what I've observed in the last couple of weeks: You are not a rally driver, and you are not a drift racer. Spinning the wheels and trying to drive your car like a speedboat is a fast-track into a wall. Or somebody else. First gear is your enemy. Even a little bit of gas will cause your wheels to spin, and spinning wheels means no traction. No traction means you've lost the battle already. So you want to set off up an incline? That's fine, but sticking it in first, revving its arse off and dumping the clutch will result in you sitting there like a muppet while your tyres dig a nice hole in the

A Year In Gig Form

2009 was a busy year on the live music front, and I managed to beat the benchmark of one gig every month by attending 15 live music events over the course of the year. In no particular order, the bands I saw perform this year were: Magenta , no less than three times. The first at the CRS BOTY awards, and twice as headliners at the Montgomery Hall in Rotherham. One particular treat was hearing Metamorphosis played in its entirety live on stage. Mostly Autumn , playing a monumental 2.5 hour set at The Venue in Stocksbridge. Electric Six twice, the second time supporting the new album Kill in the Sheffield O2 Academy 2. Doves , supported by the awesome and somewhat bizarre Malakai . Unfortunately this one was cut short due to air conditioning screwups at the O2 Academy, which were righted later as you shall see ... The Wonder Stuff in Leeds, celebrating the 20th anniversary edition of The Eight Legged Groove Machine. Threshold at the Rothe