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HP vs IBM Laptop Engineering

I have just had reason to open up two ageing laptops to retrieve their CMOS batteries. Here is a quick rundown of what I had to do to get to them. HP Compaq Evo N115 What I had to remove: Battery Hard disk CD-ROM drive LED cover Keyboard Screen Heat dissipator Total screws: 19 T-8 head screws of varying sizes, including 4 sprung screws that have to be removed and replaced in a specific order to prevent the heat sink breaking. Time to disassemble: 20 mins Time to reassemble: 10 mins IBM Thinkpad R30 What I had to remove: Keyboard Total of 2 Philips head screws. Time to disassemble: 1 minute Time to reassemble: 1 minute Conclusion I think the conclusion is fairly obvious. The R30 is a "consumer" level laptop, so doesn't have the shear awesome build of the T or X series Thinkpads, and yet even for something as simple as this it runs rings around the other "big brand" laptop I have the misfortune of owning. Thinkpad. Beca

Lacklustre images of snow

It seems that some people have been complaining of late that the onset of snow will result in an onslaught of lacklustre amateur photographs of nothing much. Well, some of us like taking pictures of things. Even pictures you might not want to look at. So ... tough! ;) Here are a handful of terribly dull pictures of why I didn't get the car out on Sunday.


So I've not posted any pictures for a while. That's because I haven't taken  any pictures for a while. Because I've been a zombie. Why have I been a zombie? Because I've been seeing a lot of this sort of thing: Yep. Trains. In the dark.  This is due to a rather significant job change that has resulted in me having to get up 2 hours earlier than before. This has paid off with a job that doesn't leave me as a stressed out ball of pent up hatred every evening, so that's good. Unfortunately, everything else has had to take a back seat for a little while so I could get used to the new routine and actually be awake of an evening. Just about getting there, I think.