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Sheffield Miscellany

Lots of people cycle to the town centre Life sprouts up everywhere in Sheffield Proudly flying the flag What West Street leaves behind ... A dizzying swirl of chains Yorkshire is not ready for haute couture Vespa Vespa Devonshire Green A Winding down, taking notes

Shapes in Architecture

The point of the cathedral spire rises up above the surrounding trees The pillars and curves of Steel City House Steps and lines backlit by the sun This car park entrance opens with a swirl Iron undulation


Poppies left by the cathedral, the writing on the card faded to nothing in time Cathedral Post Telephone boxes on Trippet Lane

New Shoes

Not mine, I hasten to add.

Turkish Delight

Rivelin Valley

Rolling hills up the side of the valley Trees have overtaken old, buried brickwork Sheep grazing on the side of Stannington hill A gap in the trees beside Rivelin Valley Road Trees punctuate the endless fields Abandoned work boots

Waterfalls of Rivelin Valley

Views over Walkley

Looking over Malin Bridge Between the many allotments above Morley Street Over the allotments Looking toward Hillsborough


Wandering Around Sheffield Some More

Colourful graffiti Walkway down the underpass A very modern car park A couple walk through the Peace Gardens as a wedding party gather behind The Peace Garden fountains from an unconventional viewpoint An old fashioned telephone box, with its twin in the distance Bollards lead the path around the front of the cathedral A quiet sit down under the trees Berries in full colour