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A Moff

Found this little fella in the kitchen today having a bit of a rest. Spent over an hour just wandering up and down the sideboard.

From Ringinglow to Castleton

645 Pro for iOS

I've bought various camera apps for my iPhone over the last couple of years, and by and large they've all been rubbish. They either add useless features, such as press-anywhere-to-shoot that doesn't quite work, or make things more complex, or add loads of initially exciting but ultimately unsatisfying effects. The camera app du jour is 645 Pro from It claims to make the iPhone into a professional camera. It doesn't.

However, that's not to say it's entirely useless. It does have many useful features, including:

AF lock so you can focus then shoot rapidly without having to refocus every timeAE lock so you can maintain constant exposure while moving aroundSpot/Average metering selectorQuick flash on/off toggleWhite Balance lock so you can keep constant coloursA proper live histogram so you can actually see the levels of your pictureA self timerA quick selector to get different aspect ratiosA quick selector to get different "film styles" which actua…

The Benefits of Rain

It's been raining a lot lately. It's pretty grim, and just yesterday it forced us to postpone a lovely walk. However, one advantage of the clouds and dampness is that light is diffused and colours are somehow more vibrant.