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Flowers in the garden

Nothing particularly special, except for the fact that these are in my garden. The garden of a man who can kill a cactus.

Walking to the train

Took a few snaps between work and the train station today, just because. Trying out some settings.
Candle House from Aire Street
47 Aire Street
Princes Exchange steps
Princes Exchange

Some gentle rural photographs

Because sometimes life needs to slow down.

Valley of the Giants

Valley of the Giants, a photo by craigand on Flickr. Ever decreasing pylons at sunset as viewed from the Woodhead just outside Tintwhistle. A common view for those travelling toward Manchester from the north of Sheffield, and one I've been meaning to stop and photograph for a very long time. Tonight the conditions were just right, I had my camera with me, and I had chance to stop. So I did.