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A Year In Gig Form

2009 was a busy year on the live music front, and I managed to beat the benchmark of one gig every month by attending 15 live music events over the course of the year. In no particular order, the bands I saw perform this year were:

Magenta, no less than three times. The first at the CRS BOTY awards, and twice as headliners at the Montgomery Hall in Rotherham. One particular treat was hearing Metamorphosis played in its entirety live on stage.

Mostly Autumn, playing a monumental 2.5 hour set at The Venue in Stocksbridge.

Electric Six twice, the second time supporting the new album Kill in the Sheffield O2 Academy 2.

Doves, supported by the awesome and somewhat bizarre Malakai. Unfortunately this one was cut short due to air conditioning screwups at the O2 Academy, which were righted later as you shall see ...

The Wonder Stuff in Leeds, celebrating the 20th anniversary edition of The Eight Legged Groove Machine.

Threshold at the Rotherham Rocks festival, along with Haze, Crimes of Passion and Beckonsale. I was late arriving so missed Kyrb Grinder.

Reverend & The Makers twice, both in their and my home town of sunny Sheffield. The second gig had a limited edition live recording made, a copy of which I swiftly acquired, adorned with the monikers of the Rev himself and several of the Makers.

Bloc Party on their Bloctober tour, supported by the also amazing Grammatics. Awesome show, awesome lighting, but the crowd were a bunch of morons.

Editors touring their new album In This Light An On This Evening, which I attended for free as a token gesture for the fscking up of the Doves gig earlier in the year.

Pallas, prog veterans and aging rockers that they are, in Monty Hall, Rotherham.

Tragedy, the number 1 all metal tribute to the Bee Gees in the entire world, playing a very, very intimate gig in Sheffield O2 Academy 2.

So there you have it. The target for 2010 is one unique gig a month, a target I almost hit this year with 4 dupes and 1 festival making a total of 10 unique gigs. Some are already lined up, including Lacuna Coil, Frightened Rabbit, Dead Like Harry and Courteeners. Should be good!


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