Thursday, 20 October 2011

Good Grief

It's been a while, hasn't it?

So, yeah, not been feeling the "photography" vibe for a while. Or the "geek" vibe. Or, in fact, any sort of vibe at all. That's what tetracyclic antidepressant's do for you, I suppose.

But I'm back on the wagon (or off the wagon?) now and should be able to do something interesting. Autumn is here. My favourite season of all. And an Indian summer, too, according to the MET office. Means clear skies, warm days, and lovely low sun for awesome lighting effects.

Speaking of which, I got to try out the best of my new lighting rig in anger the other day with the ever-awesome Northern Oak. I've used it indoors for a few bits and bobs but, as is the way with hobbies, haven't found anything where it would be genuinely useful in a "real" photography situation. Carting a bag full of umbrellas around "just in case" gets tiring after a while. Literally. It's quite heavy.

In the personal projects (see here, here and here) I've done, I've used strobes for the key light, fill light and, occasionally, back light. The sun has been low in the sky of late and given me a great opportunity to use a shoot-through umbrella or two as fill for the long, diffused shadows the Autumn sun is so wonderful for. More on that later.

So in the meantime I've managed to even out my somewhat wonky brain, if only for a while, and the EOS500D is back as a permanent fixture in my walkaround bag (or "man bag" as many refer to it). Hope to bring exciting things in the near future!

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