Saturday, 2 March 2013


Crikey by craigand
Crikey, a photo by craigand on Flickr.
iPhone photos ahoy! Another one! This time just because the light was so amazingly perfect that I had to take a picture of *something*. I wanted to see how the iPhone camera would handle the branches and tiny twigs with this type of light on them. Turns out, pretty darn well. Almost but not quite as well as, I would say, a 2002 era APS-C digital sensor. Which is damned impressive, considering that the entire camera is a 6mm cube that fits inside a mobile phone.

100% crop of the twig detail

It's very noisy though. 100% crop shows just how noisy this sensor is, even being back-lit and shooting at ISO 50. It's the sort of noise level that, given the good light, I would expect to see at about ISO 400 on an older sensor, and ISO 1600 on a modern APS-C SLR.

100% crop of the noisy sky

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