Friday, 19 April 2013

The Meteoric Decline of Blossom

Now that we've finally got the snow out of the way it's time for Spring to start poking it's nose out and testing the air. Over the last three years it's become increasingly obvious that the quality of the blossom has seriously declined, not least, I'm sure, because of the frozen arctic wasteland that is 21st century Britain.

For reference, this is the blossom from 2011:

And this is the blossom from 2012:

Densely packed trees of and full flowers. This year's crop, however, hasn't faired so well. It has done better, oddly, in Leeds in the town centre.

Still large blossoms, but not nearly so dense. Far more green than pink. They faired even worse in the north of Sheffield, despite it being somewhat more rural.

The only word I have for that miserable effort is "depressing".

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