Friday, 31 December 2010

Christmas Market

So that was 2010. What did we all think of it? Rubbish? Fair enough.

One last post of pics from 2010, this time from Sheffield's Christmas Market. I took these a week after it was supposed to close down, so it was somewhat barren. Still, I think they're quite nice. The ice rink ones didn't come out at all, but mostly that's because I was uninspired by it. If you don't put inspiration and feeling into the taking of a picture, there won't be any taken from it.

A stack of fantastic hats
What stalls remained were very nice. Colourful, and the wood gave a warm glow to everything. Some of the stalls even looked nice despite most of the goods having been purchased last week.

Mmm cupcakes
All in all, visiting a half shut market isn't a very exciting thing to do, but it is always a good photo opportunity. And I did have a bratwurst filled with cheese, so that was new and interesting.

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