Monday, 6 December 2010


Took some more portraits of the kids while I still had a blank wall for them to sit against. Been having a lot of fun in Aperture messing with sliders and changing the tone of pictures, or accentuating a mood through colour.

50mm (80mm @ 1.6x crop) f5.6, 1/125th sec, ISO 400, bounce flash + slave backlight

Here we have the mid-shoot strop (aspiring pro model, perhaps?) I snapped it just because it let me capture a different sort of picture to the usual portraiture. A lot more emotion. To enhance that, I've toned down the intensity of the colour and desaturated it just a tiny bit. This gives it a softened look and brings out some detail that I thought was lost to the flash. I especially like the hair texture and fine detail around the eyes.

Speaking of which, here is a 100% crop from this very image.

Not bad for ISO 400. Good sensor, but great optics thanks to the nifty fifty.

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