Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Leeds canal, early in the morning

On a grim, bleak Tuesday morning I found myself, once again, in Leeds. Something that seems to happen on a daily basis. That's because I work there. Well, somebody has to!

Behind my office there is a canal, and every so often when I have a few spare minutes in a morning I like to walk that way rather than taking the short route through the rushing crowds of commuters. And on the way this morning, I took some photographs.

The wonderful thing about grim weather is that conditions are really, really stable. All of these pictures except the last one were taken with the exact same settings; f/4, 1/125th seconds, ISO 800. For the last one I knocked the shutter speed up to 1/200th, although it didn't make much difference.

The old, the new, the wet ... older canal-side buildings on the left, the railway crossing in the middle,
and in the background the new office buildings of Wellington Place, one of which is mine.
A handy barge for carrying scaffold. Behind it the locks are being renovated.
The railway crosses the canal. The labelled tracks above filter the trains onto the many
 and various platforms of Leeds train station. 
Under the bridge the puddles and dim lighting are eerie. Water is reflected on the top of the tunnel.
Under the bridge ferns and other plant life grows on the stone walls.
Electric lighting gives the whole place a rather peculiar glow.
Looking down the canal the railway curves off towards Wakefield.
Beyond the old stone walls, some greenery starts to make an appearance.
The river is rather swollen from the large quantities of rainfall of late.
The new blocks of flats beyond Wellington Place curve off into the distance. Peculiar looking
 buildings making a rather oppressive looking channel between the looking architecture.

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