Monday, 26 November 2012

Metal and Morris

Sunday at West Street Live saw a most peculiar gathering. Folk and alternative metal from Northern Oak, Andraste and Setsudan combined with morris dancing from Boggart's Breakfast! You can see my full write-up, such as it is, at The Mix Eclectic or look at the full set here.

It was a tricky gig to photograph, overall. The actual bands were very easy; I cheated all over the place and use shutter priority. 1/100th seconds, auto aperture, auto ISO. Most of these photos were shot between ISO 1600 and 3200 on my Fuji X10, so thank Fuji for noise reduction algorithms. They clearly work! Fortunately the house lights were also on, although dim, and it really helped with focussing.

Taking pictures of the Boggarts was a difficult task, though. Out of 40 pictures, about 30 were out of focus or badly exposed. Taking pictures of fast moving black objects in a darkened room is never going to be easy, and I ended up pushing it to ISO 6400 just to try and get a reasonable shutter speed. Ended up settling for 1/60th, which is why many have lots of motion blur. Ideally you need to get close for this sort of thing, but when there is a real possibility of being smacked around the head with a large stick, it's probably best not.

The only way I could think to get clear pictures was to take pictures of the boggarts that weren't leaping around at any given point, but that would be no fun, would it? Better to capture the motion of the moment than have pictures of people standing still, I think.

Boggart's Breakfast





Northern Oak


To top the evening off, some of the Boggarts were convinced to dance a Waltz!

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