Thursday, 11 March 2010


I've decided that one way to improve my bloggery might be to make it easier to post things as and when a think of them. Twitter-like, maybe. To this end, I've invested in a small blogging app or two for my iPhone so I can see if it works. At about a quid each I figure it's worth a shot.

Right now I'm using BlogPress. It's quite nice and integrates well with Blogger and Picasa, but the editor seems to leave a bit to be desired. The blurb on the app page says that it supports full rich text editing, but if it does I can't see how. I can put images in and align and size them quite nicely, but I've yet to figure out how to make links or even bold text. If I figure it out I'll post a follow-up with instructions.

One thing that is nice is the use of landscape mode. Flip the phone on its side and the screen is split 50/50 between keyboard and writing area. No toolbars or icons or anything in the way. Very nice.

For now, though, let's try another one that might let me link to it ...

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