Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fun, fun, fun in the s...now?

It must be time for sledging!

And an opportunity for some "action photography" for daddy, of course!

We went to Longley Park just because it's round the corner. The hills were mostly still covered, although some areas were starting to melt already. Mind you, with the way it's been coming down we'll probably be able to go again this weekend.

As the kids readied themselves for their first descent, I readied myself by setting up the camera. I used the EF 28-135mm for this one so I could zoom in for close-ups without risking getting whacked with the sledge. At f5.6 it was wide enough for a bit of DOF fiddling so it's all good.

I also opted for AI Servo focus, which is Canon speak for continuous autofocus. The autofocus point can be set manually, so while tracking you could, for instance, choose to keep the top left corner in focus which is handy for tracking a sledge while keeping the other side open for good composition.

Another thing I took opportunity to play with is the lovely high dynamic range afforded to me by the 15 megapixel sensor and RAW image format. It's really easy to pull out the sky detail while not losing anything in the foreground.

Keeping in mind my recently learned mantra "focus is for amateurs", I took a chance and tracked some high speed sledging with a slower shutter and no flash. Motion blur is not just evident; it adds to the picture. It would have looked a bit weird to have a completely frozen image with this much movement in it.

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