Monday, 7 March 2011

Prague, day 4 - Cake and a Drink

Day 4, and time for the hotly anticipated, constantly referenced, and totally genius Afternoon River Cruise With Cake & A Drink.

The boat went up and down the Vltava river for two hours letting us take in the sights, sounds and sometimes smells of Prague. From pretty old bits to crumbly broken bits to rusty steel bits, we got a bit of everything. And more than a little hint that the Czech people are fond of jazz.

Later on, once the sun went down, we headed out to watch the city by night. Charles Bridge was lit up brightly and was as busy at night as it was at any time in the day.


The cake consisted of a piece of rather lumpy Tiramisu and a gigantic Jammie Dodger. Despite further comestibles and potables being available for procurement, we managed to make our cake, biscuit and half pint of Budvar last for 2 hours. Because we're from Yorkshire.

The views from the river were very nice, though, and gave me opportunity to take photos of some of my favourite things; reflections. Can't beat a bit of symmetry.


The picture on the left here is a great view of the city, I think. It gives an impression of how jumbled and on top of itself Prague can feel when wandering in and around the backstreets. I love it. The other is, of course, the astronomical clock, this time illuminated only by the outside lighting of the café opposite.


One of my other favourite things about Prague is, strangely, the street lamps. Also, the crazy hot chocolate we got. It was like drinking melted Dairy Milk with a dollop of solid cream on top. Amazing.

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