Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sheffield By The Sea

Summer is here, and in the People's Republic of South Yorkshire, beach fever has hit. Unfortunately we're land-locked, so our options are two-fold; take the people to the beach, or bring the beach to the people.

Every summer the Peace Gardens are overrun with seaside attractions. A beach with buckets and spades, a hook-a-duck, a helter-skelter and even fresh doughnuts. A bit of a break from the usual city life. We took the kids for an afternoon in the relative sunshine.

IMG_8984 IMG_9047

IMG_9069 IMG_8994

Being a big fan of crazy golf, I made a bee-line for the 9 hole course behind the fountains. The holes were actually plastic constructions of dubious quality, but I didn't care. It was a good laugh. It took a while for us to notice that the shape of the holes spelled CRAZY GOLF. A pretty nifty idea, I thought.


IMG_8995 IMG_8997

After all that exertion it was time for a sit down. There were a lot of things on offer and the whole place looked rather quaint and nostalgic. The kids had slushy drinks which, unfortunately, resulted in mass brain freeze.

IMG_9020 IMG_9008

IMG_9034 IMG_9030

After our short break the kids wanted to go on the swingboats. While they did that, I examined a small amount of sand.

IMG_9057 IMG_9070

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