Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Camping in Pomeroy

Since we went to Arbor Low on the bank holiday weekend, we thought we may as well stay over at a local campsite, of which there are lots. We picked Pomeroy Camping and Caravan Park because it was cheap and had a website. The tale of attempting to book this place is long, complex, annoying and for another time.

As you can see from the pictures, and in spite of the weather being reasonably good when we went to Arbor Low, it rained. A lot.


There were also a proliferation of pylons running through the site with "Live Overhead Cables" warnings all over the place.



That being said, we were at least in the Peak District, with everything it has to offer. The golden evening sun made things a little nicer.


And the clear midnight skies proved wonderful for stargazing.


Unfortunately I didn't pack my tripod, so the only star pictures were taken pointing straight up while the camera balanced on top of the car. If I'd have had my tripod I would have liked to take some shots of silhouetted trees. I did have a go, but it went wrong when I dropped the camera halfway through a 25 second exposure.


The morning after saw a lovely, if very damp, bright morning. The tractors were in the field ready for the day and the sun was casting long, soft shadows on the damp grass. Then it rained again.


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