Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sand Train

One of the features of the Mablethorpe beach that I remember from my childhood is the famous Mablethorpe Sand Train. A specially devised vehicle that can ferry dozens of people up and down the fabulous north beach for a couple of quid, saving weary legs travelling from the many holiday camps to the town centre, or visiting the animal gardens at the north end of the town.

Mablethorpe Sand Train
The Mablethorpe Sand Train

Looking back from the Sand Train
Looking back up the North Beach

Into The Sea
A view from the front along the shoreline
The sand train's small carriages can hold a surprising number of people. This was the view we had of the approaching sand train as what seemed like hundreds of people ran off it like a swarm.


I'm quite pleased with this last picture. It shows a surprising amount of detail. Here is a 100% crop showing a close of of the trailing members of the pack.

Sand Train 100% Crop

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