Saturday, 28 August 2010

Jelly Tots

One thing I've always fancied having a go at it underlit shiny things. In this case, Jelly Tots. I set up a strange rig consisting of a sheet of paper, a couple of upturned drinking glasses for support, some Sellotape and a flash gun diffused by bits of cut up milk bottle. Recipe for success? Well, no.

You can see shadowy bits in the lower right hand corner and a little on the right hand edge. This is just caused by improper lighting, really. I need to sort out my lighting situation. Also, the jelly tots themselves seem to be somewhat more opaque than I anticipated. I wanted them to appear to glow, but they just seem to float in mid-air. Here is a picture of the set up:

Weird. A proper lightbox would have sorted this out properly, maybe. And a better subject that didn't turn out to be opaque. Still, this project is all about learning, and today's pic is quite nice in its own right. Just not in the way I wanted!

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