Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sheffield City

A bit of a theme today: the history of Sheffield. Standing just under Sky Edge off City Road, I got a good view over the town centre. In fact, I could see everything from the far side of Nether Edge right over to the the top of Wincobank, and everything in between. Bramall Lane, the Sheffield Eye, the cheese grater that doubles as a car park. What struck me as I stood there is that the houses visible from Sky Edge are very old indeed. I've seen pictures of the very same houses from the turn of the 20th century.

As I look out over the city, I can see the shiny big wheel, the Winter Gardens, Mercure Sheffield St Pauls hotel, and many other things that make up the modern Sheffield. In the middle distance, halfway between the two, there is the hulking monstrosity that is Park Hill. And so today's picture tries to capture the history of Sheffield stretching out in front of me, from the very old at the bottom of the picture, to the very new at the top.

It wouldn't be fair, I don't think, to describe the view from up there without including a picture. Here's the view from the top. I didn't make a panorama - this is a crop of a single picture using a 28mm lens. Quite a view. I would have liked to take a longer exposure at a lower ISO to capture more detail, but didn't have my tripod with me and, quite frankly, I would have been blown clean off Sky Edge if I'd tried to hold it all down.

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